Good Intentions

Looking back at the four months since my first post it doesn’t seem like I’ve achieved much, well not in the sense of much physical modelling. So what have I been doing? Well I’ve purchased a few items of rolling stock and several books, discovered a number of useful pictures on Flickr and started playing with relearning Templot. So really I’ve been mostly doing research, haven’t I? Unfortunately it could also be described as armchair modelling: The whole intention of the blog was to get me out of that particular rut. But have I failed?

During the last couple of months I’ve also been doing some decorating and isn’t that a kind of modelling but on a larger scale? And one of the rooms in question will have part of it set aside for my modelling and the layout. So maybe it’s not all so bad? Well we’ll see!

Start at the beginning….

I guess the blog’s title gives a few clues to the intended theme but also leaves out a fair bit.

So Rudsley is a fictitious location but based on the real station of Dursley featured in Barry Norman’s book ‘Designing a Layout’. The plan and sketch in the book depict a small branch line terminus surrounded by factory buildings giving a very urban feel, which makes it a little unusual as Dursley is a small market town on rural Gloucestershire! The following four pictures show how the station looked;

Final Day at Dursley Station

Engine D9500 hauls trucks at Dursley Goods Yard

Dursley Station Goods Yard and Lister’s Factory

Dursley Station

My interpretation will be a mirror image of the site, as it will better suit the intended site of the layout. The station will be provided with signalling and signal box, the original had 2 ground frames which were released by the single line train staff. Railway buildings may well be substituted with suitable replacements and the factory will be ‘in the style of’ rather than an exact copy. And all this in 4m scale, EM gauge, based in the period of the mid 1950’s to early 1960’s, well to be exact 10th September 1962!